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Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE)

I am the Director and Co-Funder of the University of Oslo's Center for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE), which is a Centre for Excellence in Education funded by the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills for a period of 5+5 years.


The Medicalisation of Democratic Rights in the Debate about Abortion (MEDRA)

The goal of the project is to provide large-scale, corpus-based analyses of the co-constitutive relationship between democracy and medical knowledge in the debate about abortion as it unfolded since the early 1980s in three complementary case studies: US, Ireland and Argentina.


To do so, we use the Oslo Medical Corpus (OMC), wwhich is a large suite of electronic corpora of medical and medical-related texts currently under construction at the Faculty of Medicine (UiO).

KNOWIT: Knowledge in Translation

This research group – hosted by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) – focuses on knowledge translation (KT) in health policy and practice. Our research spans from theoretical and conceptual analyses to empirical studies of implementation processes.

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